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  • Decadri, S. and Boussalis, C., 2019. Populism, party membership, and language complexity in the Italian chamber of deputies. Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties, pp.1-20. Available at:

  • Decadri, S., 2021. “What have you done for me lately?” Re-thinking local representation. Electoral Studies, 74, p.102417.

  • Boussalis, C., Chadefaux, T., Decadri, S., and Salvi, A., 2022. Public and Private Information in International Crises: Diplomatic Correspondence and Conflict Anticipation. International Studies Quarterly, 66(4)

Selected Current Work

  • Curini L., Decadri S., Ferrara A., Montanelli S., Negri F.,Periti  F. “Gender Politics and Stereotypes in the Italian Parliament (1948-2020).”

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